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We strongly believe roller derby is for everyone. No matter your level of fitness,

gender, background or body type, you are welcome!

We regularly organize tryouts. This is the perfect opportunity to get a taste of skating

and roller derby in general. The only requirement is that you are at least 18 years old. 

No gear? No problem! We can lend you skates and protection for the first period,

so you can gradually buy your own gear during the course. 


Every new skater, regardless of whether you want to join us as an official or a player, starts out learning the basics as a "Rookie" (or level 1) in a 16-week program. During the 16 weeks you will continuously improve your core and condition while learning such skills as the right skating posture, how to fully stop, do crossovers and of course how to fall safely, all at your own pace. Want to learn more? Check out these videos. 

Once you’re comfortable on your skates a trainer can determine that you are ready for the second level (“Intermediate”) of the in total three levels and start thinking about a derby name, number and a specialization (role or position). You will also gradually learn everything you need to know about roller derby each step of the way.

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Lichtstad at St. Trudostraat 1a

Practical information

Monday [19:00 to 21:00] & Wednesday* [19:00 - 20:45]

*The Rookie training is on monday only. But you also have the opportunity to practice some more on your own during the Wednesday (teamtraining). Please do know that there will be no trainers available, but it's always OK if you have a short question.

It is €100,- for the 16 weeks Rookie-program. After these 16 weeks the monthly due is €30,-

The payment must be completed within 7 days after the start of the official program.

Bring at least with you the first few weeks:

  • water bottle. 
  • a thick & thin pair of socks to make sure your skates fit right. 
  • right amount of layered clothes you feel comfortable moving in! The track is covered from the            elements, but still outside.

In order to play roller derby the following gear is at least required:

  •       Mouthguard 
  •       Helmet [with certification]
  •       Wrist protection
  •       Elbow protection
  •       Knee protection
  •       Quad skates [derby skates]


A bit unsure? An addition we can recommend:

  •        Back protection
  •        Crash pants

When you decide to practice the sport and join the Rookies, you will receive more information with suggestions where (and what) you can purchase the above-mentioned items. For your own safety, from the 4th training week, a mouthguard and helmet are mandatory. 

Picture: Patrick Spruytenburg

Gear Requirement

Gear Requirements

Roles & Specializations

There are different roles and specializations which you can grow into. The players are, of course, the heart of the game. They are roughly divided into two specialties: Jammers (those who score the points) and blockers (the defenders). Officials at the another hand ensure a smooth course of a game, both on the track (Referees) and outside of the track (Non-skateting Officials) and therefore highly needed. Are you not really into the physical aspects of the game during a match? But do you love roller derby and like training with the team? Then maybe this is something for you!?

Players are the game. In the game there are two specialties that you can delve into: Jammers & Blockers. In addition to a joint warm-up and basic skating exercises, there are the following two focus points:

  • As a Jammer the focus on different methods and techniques to pass the pack.
  • As a Blocker the focus is on different blocking techniques, roles and ways to support your jammer.


Referees, officials on skates. They are responsible for the safety of all the players and game by calling out the neccercary penalties. Becoming an referee means:  

  • You train as a full member of a league and therefore part of the team
  • You will learn the rules in both practical and theoretical manner under the guidance of experienced referees
  • There will be specialist exercises available for refs


Non-Skating Officials are responsible for all the additional monitoring tasks. Think of: timing the game, tracking penalties, timing penalties, operating the scoreboard, tracking lineups and keeping score. Becoming a NSO: 

  • No experience needed: As an NSO you don’t need to be able to skate or to have gear, just a black t-shirt! Ideal for Rookies, Smokey's and you!
  • For many tasks it is enough to be partially familiar with the rules of the game.

  • Do you want to get some experience? Do you want to gain experience in advance? Join our scrimmage days and get involved! (for free)



Check also our event page for the last try out details! If there any questions regarding the above information? Or is it still months before the Try-out and would you like to come by. Do not hesitate to send an email to: info@rockcityrollers.nl  

No questions? Then we hope to see you back on the track! :D